Sex Secrets of Escorts!


Everyone knows that escorts are the best person to have sex with. They are professional with providing you the best sexual experience. But the biggest question is, how do they get so professional? How they make sex so good? There is only one answer to these questions. Escorts have their sex secrets which make sex so good and pleasurable. Using and implementing these cheap escorts will surely make your sex life more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Here are some sex secrets of cheap escorts


  • Be present at the moment: – feeling connected during sex makes it more pleasurable and highly satisfactory thus to make sex better, be present at the moment. Feel each other through touches, kisses, licking, explore each other’s body like a blind cave and find new places to trigger pleasure like the backside of neck, ears, shoulders, light licking gesture on tummy, etc.


  • Use foreplay more in sex:- According to cheap escorts foreplay is the power-bank of sex waiting to release high energy. During sex, you should have more foreplay with each other like kissing, licking, getting playful and flirty. This will make sexual arousal better and make sex satisfactory.


  • Give pleasure and satisfaction both:- pleasure and satisfaction are two different things. To have great sex not only gives her pleasure but also makes sure that she feels satisfied with that pleasurable sex as sometimes sex is very pleasurable but it ends before we get fully satisfied.


  • Climate is important for sex:- making climate suitable according to your sexual desires and naughty plans will work best. Climate affects how she will react during sex and how much sexual arousal she gets thus making climate suitable will make her comfortable and give her best during sex.


  • Choose positions wisely:- different sex position has a different effect on people, some sex position is pleasurable for someone while others feel irritated with them. Thus choosing sex positions wisely is very important for better sex.


  • Give the best orgasm of life:- A good climax depends on good orgasm, thus try o make her orgasm last long and she will feel satisfied after orgasm.


  • G-spot has friends, find them:- G-spot or clitoris is not the two places which trigger an orgasm and provides pleasure, there are many other areas except genitals that provide high pleasure thus find and use those locations too for giving a pleasant feel to her.


Provide something more than orgasm:- sex is not about just having a good orgasm, for better sex you should provide her more than an orgasm during sex. There are times when a woman does not get orgasm thus do not aim for orgasm always or ask in between sex about did she gonna cum, it increases pressure on her rather occasionally end it fast and if required use fingers and tongue to satisfy her.

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