Does Penis Size Matter?


A recent survey of many people has shown what the right penis size is but the findings might surprise you. The size and girth of a man’s member and how it makes sexual intercourse better for a female are an age-old question, but now there is some hard evidence to back up those beliefs. This evidence comes from a big, long-term study of male sexual health. For years doctors and scientists have tried to answer the question, does penis size matter? There have been many attempts to come up with an answer that will help men understand whether or not their size does affect their performance in the bedroom.

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According to the most common measurement used to determine the average penis size, the circumference at the head of the penis is approximately six to eight inches long. Circumference does indeed make a difference in the ability to have erections. If the circumference is less than six inches then the penis can’t hold onto an erection and won’t be able to maintain an erection long enough to have good sex. On the other hand, if the circumference is more than eight inches then the penis can be very large and actually cause pain during sex and be very uncomfortable during intercourse.

When the penis reaches its maximum out erection point it begins to shrink back to its normal size. Some men who have been measuring their erect penis size for many years have actually found their size decreasing rather than increasing over time. The reason for this is because men aren’t able to keep their erect penis size over time as they get older. When the penis gets smaller it can’t hold the erection that it once could and that is the biggest question of all does penis size matter?

Most men don’t care about the average size because they just want to have sex with amazing sex toys that will give them intense pleasure and a mind blowing orgasm. However if you really want to get the answers to the question does penis size really matter? then you should be looking to your own penis. To find out what your ideal length and girth are you should use a tape measure and some sort of calipers.

Your ideal length on the tape measure is the length where your penis will be when erect and it is slightly thicker at the head of the penis. Your ideal size penis will be somewhere between two to four inches when erect, which is about the average size penis that most men are looking for. Your girth on the tape measure is halfway between your penis head and your body at the base. This is the girth of the penis, which you should be aiming for.

If you have a small average size penis then you should be happy that your search has finally come to an end. You can easily use a penis enlargement device such as a penis extender to help increase your penis size. This device will allow you to increase your erect penis size by as much as three inches in only six minutes. With this method you can be sure that your question “Does Penis Size Matter?” is finally answered.

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