Your initial involvement with condoms may have been extending one over a banana in the ninth level with an mature escorts over 50. Probably, you messed with one preceding your first time in the backseat of your vehicle while having sex with an escort or sex partner. You may have even got free condoms in a sex education class, or perhaps didn’t get sex education by any means. Amidst all this,we understood that condoms can be utilized for having safe sex with an mature escorts over 50 and to avoid any undesirable pregnancy. However,have you ever thought why is it so necessary to use the correct size condom while you have sex with an escort or sex partner?

Condoms are available in numerous shapes and sizes-

Snug condoms (Small):

Best fit for sex toys and penises which have width up to two inches and length of about seven inches.

Standard condoms:

mature escorts over 50 possessing penises that are somewhat above two inches in width and length of up to seven and a half inches will feel that standard condoms are the best suited size for them.

Large condoms:

For mature escorts over 50 having penises that have a width of a little more than two and a half inches and are around nine inches lengthwise, large condoms are the best choice.

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